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Ground Graphics (Outdoor)

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  1. Asphalt Art®

    Asphalt Art®

    Asphalt Art® - Patented aluminum foil with glass bead non-slip coating and adhesive back for outdoor sidewalk and street graphics on concrete, asphalt, brick, pavers, etc... Handles pedestrian and vehicle traffic. No lamination and no heat gun needed. Highly conformable, easy to install and remove.

    Durability: Up to 1 year outdoor.

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    Printer Ink Type: UV Curable and Latex Inks

  2. Asphalt Art® | SportWalk

    Asphalt Art® | SportWalk

    Asphalt Art® SportWalk - 20mil white textured vinyl with pressure sensitive adhesive back for short-term outdoor graphics on smooth surfaces (concrete, tile and asphalt). However, a heat gun or gas torch can be used to conform to slightly textured surfaces. Suitable for pedestrian traffic up to one week under moderate temperature ranges.  SportWalk has a slip-resistant textured surface and waterproof adhesive allowing for short-term outdoor usage.  No lamination required. Simply peel and stick to smooth, clean and dry surfaces. Safe for pedestrian traffic and even maintains its non-slip properties when wet.

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    Printer Ink Type: Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV Curable and Latex Inks

2 Item(s)

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